A cooking appliance that you will most likely find in all households is the microwave. While it might seem simple to cook with the microwave, there exist health and safety considerations that you must be aware of when preparing your food with it. If you want to find out which are the safety and health tips for cooking with the microwave, read the following lines.

Use only microwave-safe containers

If you don’t make sure that the container which you place in the microwave is microwave-safe, you can damage the oven. To avoid this from happening, use only microwave-safe containers that are made from glass, plastic, and ceramic. In order to ensure that the cookware you are purchasing is manufactured for microwave use, check for the label that says it’s microwave-safe.

Use a convection microwave oven to cook meat evenly

The microwave doesn’t always heat the food evenly, which is dangerous in case you want to prepare meat with this cooking appliance. If the meat isn’t properly cooked, it will contain harmful bacteria which will pose a threat to your health. To make sure that the meat will be prepared perfectly, it’s recommended to use a convection microwave oven. Such an appliance might cost a little more, but it’s worth it considering that it ensures evenly cooked food.

Put water in the bowl when you prepare tomatoes with the microwave for increased levels of lycopene

Lycopene is a nutrient that brings many benefits to our health, and which is found in tomatoes. But consuming the tomatoes raw or boiling them actually decreases the levels of lycopene. To enjoy the benefits of consuming this nutrient, put a little water in the microwave-safe bowl in which you will place the tomatoes. Set the appliance on the highest temperature setting, and set the time for 2-4 minutes. Afterward, you will get the chance to consume tomatoes that have increased levels of lycopene, giving your health a much-needed boost by doing so.

Clean the microwave regularly

For germs and bacteria to not be a part of your meal, you must clean the microwave regularly. It’s recommended to clean this cooking appliance once per week. In case you happen to cook a messy food with it, you should clean the microwave after you’re done using it. To clean the microwave, put water and the juice from a halved lemon in a microwave-safe bowl, and set the microwave on the highest setting for 5 minutes with the bowl inside. Afterward, just wipe the gunk inside with a cloth.