One of the best places for mold development in a home is the kitchen. The bathroom is also a place where mold is likely to develop, due to the higher humidity level. It is recommended that you do not use chemicals in order to get rid of it, because they can be quite dangerous to your health. Instead, go for some natural solutions. Here is how to naturally rid your kitchen of mold.

Keep the humidity level under control

If there is mold in your kitchen, then the humidity level in the room is very high. Therefore, you need to keep it under control, and you can do that by using a dehumidifier. This device will maintain a proper humidity level in the room, and mold will certainly not appear anymore. The indoor air will be a clean and healthy one, and you will not have any health problems.

Use tea tree oil

Believe it or not, tea tree oil can help you achieve your goal. This is a very powerful natural fungicide. What you need to do is to add 10 drops of tea tree oil to a spray bottle, which have been filled with water. Once you do so, you need to spray it on the affected surfaces and let this amazing oil do its job. Then, you need to scrub a bit and repeat the procedure for about 3 or 4 times in different days. The result will be absolutely amazing, and most of all, you will not have to inhale the chemical odors from commercial products. Keep in mind to shake very well the mixture before each use.

Vinegar is another wonderful solution

If you really want to obtain amazing results, in a natural way, then you need to go for vinegar. This is without a doubt one of the best all-natural cleaner, which can help you get rid your kitchen of mold. It is naturally antimicrobial, so you do not actually need to mix it with anything. Simple spray some vinegar on the surfaces with mold, and leave it to action for about 15 minutes. The fungus will be killed and dissolved as well, and then the only thing you need to do is to wipe away the surface by using a clean cloth or a sponge.

Go for distilled ethanol

If you are wondering how to naturally rid your kitchen of mold, then you certainly need to try distilled ethanol. Distilled grain alcohols such as vodka will quickly and efficiently kill mold and mildew. Spray it and leave it for several minutes to do its job. You will be surprised by the result, and you will definitely try this methods each time it is necessary instead of buying all kind of products that contain harmful chemicals.