We use kitchen knives to cut, mince, slice, and dice vegetables, fruits, and meat. These kitchen tools are heavily used on a day to day basis, which makes them predisposed to fast wear. But there are certain things that you can do to maintain your kitchen knives in a perfect shape for a long time, and in the following lines, we will show you what you must do.

Keep the knives clean

To keep the kitchen knives in a perfect shape for a long time, you must clean them after each use. In order to clean the knives, use a dishcloth to gently wipe the blade. If a more aggressive clean is needed, use a sponge for the task. Also, make sure that you avoid putting the knives in the dishwasher. Otherwise, you will destroy both their handles and their blades.

Store the kitchen knives properly

For your kitchen knives to not break or become dull, you must make sure that you store them properly. If space allows it, you can place the kitchen knives on the wall by mounting a magnetic stripe that will keep the kitchen tools in place. Another perfect storage space for the kitchen knives is the knife block that comes with most knife sets. Also, you can place them in a drawer. To prevent the knives from roaming freely, install in-drawer storage units that will effectively hold them in place.

Use the kitchen knives on wooden and composite plastic cutting boards

To avoid doing damage to the blades of your kitchen knives, avoid using them on ceramic, marble, steel, or glass surfaces. These surfaces are too solid and harsh, and they will cause fast wear. Instead, it’s recommended to use the kitchen knives only on wooden cutting boards and composite plastic wooden boards in order to ensure the protection of the blade.

Sharpen dull blades with the LINKYO LY-KE2SSA1 electric knife sharpener

The blades of your kitchen knives will inevitably become dull at one point. Instead of throwing the knives away, use the LINKYO LY-KE2SSA1 electric knife sharpener to restore the sharpness of their blades. This useful device comes at the price of only $30. It’s very easy to use. It features 2 stages, the first stage resharpening the angle and rejuvenating the edge, while the second stage hones and polishes the blade. The non-slip suction cup feet of this electric knife sharpener keep the device in place while it’s being used for increased safety. In addition, it features automatic blade positioning that guides the knives into the ideal position for the sharpening process.