When summer arrives, the most unpleasant room to be in is the kitchen. This is all due to the fact that we cook in the kitchen, this room becoming a sauna when the outdoor temperature rises. If you want to make it bearable and pleasant to be in the kitchen in summer, read the following lines to find out some easy ways to cool this room.

Use the Honeywell HYF013W tower fan to create a cool environment

An effective and efficient method to cool the kitchen in summer is to use the Honeywell HYF013W tower fan. To purchase this cooling device, you have to spend only $45. It features 3 speeds that you can choose from in order to create a pleasant and cool environment. The 2-hour automatic shut-off timer ensures the unit will operate for as long as you need it in order to save energy. In addition, it can oscillate to offer a wide cooling area.

Avoid using the oven

Your biggest enemy in the kitchen when summer comes is the oven. Due to the fact that this cooking appliance makes the room very hot, you have to avoid using it during summer. Instead, use countertop kitchen appliances like the microwave, the grill, or the electric skillet to prepare your meals. These counter appliances are usually faster at preparing your food, and they don’t generate as much heat as the oven either.

Cook outdoors as much as possible

If you have a gas grill, summer is the perfect season in which to use it. Due to the fact that it’s positioned outdoors, using it will help cool the kitchen because you won’t be using the room anymore when you cook. Therefore, keep the heat out of the kitchen by cooking as much as possible using the outdoor gas grill.

Boil early in the morning

Another great way to keep the kitchen cool in summer is to boil the foods that need to be boiled early in the morning. Sure, it might not be pleasant to get up at 6-7 AM to boil potatoes or pasta that you will use to prepare dinner, but it’s an efficient way to keep the kitchen cool. Also, make sure that you keep the window open when you boil the food. This way, the cool morning air will allow the steam to get out faster, and it will cool the kitchen as well.