A drafty kitchen is unbearable to sit in when winter comes, the low temperatures making it impossible for you to cook or do other activities in this room without catching a nasty cold. But not all people have the money for intricate heating solutions. Therefore, if you want to heat your drafty kitchen this winter without spending a lot of money for this, read the following lines to find out what options you have.

Leave the door of the oven open after you finish baking

A lot of delicious meals are prepared with the oven, this kitchen appliance being used very often by all cooks. It might sound weird, but you can use the oven to heat up your drafty kitchen. After you’re finish baking your delicious meal, simply leave the door of the oven open. It will release warm air into the kitchen, effectively heating it up. The best part is that this heating method is practically free because you only let the door open after you finish baking and the oven has already been turned off. Therefore, you won’t have any additional costs on the bills.

Set the ceiling fan to rotate clockwise

If you have a ceiling fan in the kitchen and you want to make it warm in this room, set the ceiling fan to rotate clockwise. As the ceiling fan’s blades slowly rotate, they will pull the cool air up and gently push warm air down. In addition to being a very efficient heating method, using the ceiling fan to heat up the kitchen will save a lot of money on the bills as well.

Use the Dr. Infrared Heater to warm up the kitchen fast

Another great and cheap solution to heat a drafty kitchen is to use the Dr. Infrared Heater. This compact infrared heater comes at the small price of $100. What makes it a great choice to go with is the fact that it consumes little electricity to run. Due to the fact that it’s an infrared heater, it will heat the objects that it encounters instead of the air. Therefore, your kitchen will be warm and cozy if you use it. It features a useful 12-hour automatic shut-off timer that will help save energy. The thermostat can be adjusted anywhere between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it produces only 39 dBA while it operates. This means that the infrared heater won’t distract you while you’re preparing your delicious meals.