Cooking is an important task that sometimes needs to be performed daily if you want to ensure that you and your family receive only fresh and healthy food. Besides from cooking your own meals, it’s also important how you cook them and how you choose your ingredients so that the resulted food will only do you well. Discover below 5 secrets that will ensure you will be cooking healthier food.

Use fats wisely

It’s true that food cooked with fats is juicier and tastier than the one without any fats but it’s also more harmful to your health. You probably know that all fats are bad but, in fact, some can be used without any health risk and those are called unsaturated fats like olive oil, canola oil or almond oil. These fats can be used for cooking and the result is a tastier food that doesn’t contain high amounts of calories. Still, you must also limit the use of unsaturated fats to a safe level.

Steam instead of boiling

Most of you probably boil your food in order to avoid frying it, which really is a healthier cooking method but not the healthiest. When you boil your food, especially fruits and vegetables, all the nutrients go into the water that you eventually throw away so, the nutritional value of the food is lost. Steaming the food can be your best option for cooking tasty meals that are also healthy and rich in nutrients. A steam cooker is a great cooking tool that can help you prepare an entire meal with minimum effort and in a short amount of time.

Use natural fresh spices

Food definitely becomes tastier if you add sauces and spice mixes that you buy from the store but how healthy are those taste enhancers? At a closer look, you will discover that those products are filled with sugar, salt, and artificial substances meant to make the food tastier but also more dangerous for you. Instead of using those, try making your own sauces and spice mixes with natural and fresh ingredients like olive oil, fresh herbs, honey, and fruits or vegetables.

Add plenty of veggies

Vegetables are delicious and packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are vital for your body so, you need to integrate them to your cooking. Plus, veggies help you add color and taste to your plate so no dinner will look and taste like the previous. We recommend sauteing or grilling the vegetables to seal in all the good stuff and, lucky for you, your combinations of vegetables are endless so you will certainly find your favorite veggies.

Choose good meat

Meat should also be a part of your meals because it contain precious proteins that help you become stronger. However, the wrong type of meat could cause more harm than good so you better be careful what you choose for cooking. Pork should be out of discussion because it contain plenty of saturated fats, beef also contains saturated fats but in smaller portions, so poultry is your best choice. Fish is also great because it is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids.