If you are looking to cook healthier your favorite dishes without sacrificing taste, make sure you will reduce fat, salt, sugar, and calories. Moreover, you have to increase fibers by adapting some new ingredients to your normal diet. Thankfully, there are a few secrets for healthier cooking, which will help you prepare some delicious meals.

Consider the oils

Whether you are using olive oil or sesame oil, which are some of the healthier alternatives to vegetable oil, you cannot use them in big quantities. You have to use the least amount you can, every time you cook. Moreover, keep in mind that not all fat is bad. As such, opt for over saturated, including the butter, but use them in moderation due to their high level of calories. On the other hand, if the food needs more oil, you can add a little water. Anyway, when it comes to oils, you need to consider that even the unsaturated oils such as olive oil must be used in moderation.

Watch the salt

Everybody knows that every meal needs to be seasoned, especially with salt. Try to find various alternatives and replace salt with pepper, vinegar, mustard, spices, herbs and even lemon juice. However, when you are cooking for other people, allow them to season their own food because you can eat more salt than you think. You can also use a salt calculator which can provide you with information about the salt in your food.

Limit the sugar

We all know that sugar is not good for our bodies, and a high sugar level can lead to several health issues including diabetes. For example, you can start with less sugar when you bake or with a small quantity of sugar in your coffee. In fact, you can replace the sugar with several sweeteners such as honey, agave syrup, almond milk and more.

Increase fiber

If you are looking to increase the fiber content of your meals, you can use brown alternatives of bread, rice, and pasta. Moreover, when you are baking, you can prepare a composition of wholemeal and plain flour. Add oats and cereals to make it crunchier.

Limit the red meat

We all know that red meat is one of the most delicious meats. However, it may be a source of protein, but it is also full of saturated fat which is harmful to your health. It’s recommended to choose chicken and fish but consider to grill, microwave or roast instead of frying it.