The Live Forever Diet

I've recently started a testing a new diet to live forever and I've got good news - it's working so far.  In addition to eating healthy and whole foods, I'm indulging in healthy and enjoyable treats.

I'll update you regularly with new ideas, finds, and the status of my mortality.

As we get older we start taking our mortality and health more seriously.  While eating an overall diet of healthy, whole and natural foods, I discovered that many of my treats were not so healthy and decided to replace many of them with treats that are beneficial.  The following are some treats that have the added benefit of extending your life expectancy.

Drink Tea

The benefits of tea are numerous and amazing.  Both green and black teas contain numerous flavonoids that are believed to help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  Tea also encourages weight loss; lowers cholesterol; and brings about mental alertness.  Studies also show that the dental health of tea drinkers is considerably better than the average person's. 

Mighty Leaf teas are some of my favorites.  They have a broad selection of quality, organic teas.

Read more about the benefits of tea below.

Drink Red Wine

Drinking moderate amounts of red wine has been linked to lowering cholesterol, protecting your heart, controlling blood sugar, improving brain function, warding off cancer and more.  Of course overindulgence has it's tolls.  Most doctors recommend a maximum of 1 glass a day for women and 2 for men.  Luckily I have large wine glasses!

Eat Dark Chocolate

This just keeps getting more difficult doesn't it?  Really, even if I don't live forever on this diet, I'm going to enjoy trying!

Okay, just like tea and red wine, dark chocolate is good for your heart, your brain, and your blood sugar.  In addition to these benefits dark chocolate is high in vitamins and minerals.  Dark chocolate contains extraordinarily high amounts of copper, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

6 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Healthy eating doesn't have to be drudgery, sometimes you can enjoy a good thing and know that it's good for you as well.

Check out my guest post on My Love of Vinegar at Simple Living and Eating.

Healthy Food Matters


  1. Definitely write a blog post ASAP, if it doesn't work... ;-)

    Do you have a link to the diet you are following, or a book about it?

  2. I guess I'm gunna live forever I do all of the above...

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