Sushi Plus - An Easy, At Home Healthy Meal

We've made it a Saturday evening ritual to eat sushi at home.  Saturdays are my Fridays and my wife normally does the shopping on Saturday afternoons.  She enjoys having the afternoon to herself and doesn't want to cook when she gets home - understandable.  I deal with tourist all day Saturday and generally do not feel like getting back out into the crowds to eat out, so we've come up with a compromise.

We buy sushi at the local market every Saturday- they make it fresh on site.  Now sushi is a perfect meal for our version of The Perfect Health Diet since fresh fish provides protein and omega-3 fatty acids, avocado is rich in vitamins and healthy fats, and rice is the only grain that we regularly indulge in.

The only problem with sushi rolls is that they actually contain very little fish.  It's not enough fish to count as a serving or provide an ample amount of the healthy nutrients.  Our solution?....Wild caught smoked salmon!  It's a perfect addition to the sushi rolls.  It taste terrific, blends with the sushi, and provides enough protein and healthy fats to make it a truly healthy meal.

To keep the Asian theme we normally serve it with either a seaweed salad or a salad of mixed greens with an Asian dressing.  This makes an excellent and healthy meal without the trouble of cooking.


  1. I wrote a comment, and it went into the abyss (it was WP's fault, not this site's).

    But, basically, sushi makes life worth living. I eat it 2-3 times a week, and could easily eat it everyday. But, yes, not enough fish...I have considered adding sushi grade salmon from the Asian market.

  2. Nice suggestions! I like the post. Thanks for sharing.